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Survivor of the Titanic Dinner Theater


Des Dutch Essenhaus, Shreve
Sat, 06/21/2014 - 1:00pm

$16.75 for a plate lunch, tax & tip included.  Choice of meat: Broasted chicken, or roast beef; soup; salad bar; mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and beverage.

Call The Essenhaus to reserve a seat and give your choice of meat 330-567-2212 (you do not have to pay in advance) Sponsored by the County Line Historical Society of Wayne/Holmes Counties

Chris Hart will be presenting, in first person, Peter Daley a survivor of the Titanic!  To set the presentation the date is April 15, 1917, standing on the shores of Nova Scotia, Canada looking out over the Atlantic Ocean.  Approaching is an elegantly dressed gentleman, walking alone, carrying a newspaper.  Titanic survivor, Peter Daley, gazing out across the ocean  remembering that fateful night five years earlier when the mighty ship went down.