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Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area

Northeast of Shreve State Route 226

Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area is situated in the center of the Killbuck Valley, on the Wayne/Holmes County line, just east of Shreve. The local name for the wildlife area is "Shreve Swamp." The wildlife area is owned and managed by the ODNR, Division of Wildlife.

Purchase of property by the Division of Wildlife in the Killbuck Valley began in 1969. At present the wildlife area totals 5,500 acres. Almost all of the funding for land acquisition, manpower, development, and management has come from sportsman licenses (hunting, fishing,and trapping) and taxes on sporting equipment. Sixty percent of the wildlife area is either permanently or seasonally flooded. Most of these wetlands are natural. The water levels rise and fall with the normal seasonal fluctuations of the Killbuck Creek and the associated streams. Almost 400 acres of marsh in the wildlife area have been enhanced to allow management and control of the water levels. The largest and most prominent is the Wright Marsh along State Route 226. An elaborate system of dikes and water control structures allows control of 325 acres in eight separate units. The Wright Marsh was completed as a joint venture of Ducks Unlimited and the Ohio Division of Wildlife in 1990, at a cost of $675,000. The uplands at the wildlife area consist of 900 acres of cropland (leased to local farmers), 100 acres of permanent meadow, 800 acres of mature woodland, and 500 acres of brushland.

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