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Village Hall


Shreve Village Offices Emergency Services Non-emergency Numbers

Village Hall 
150 W McConkey St
Shreve, Ohio  44676 

Phone - (330) 567-2601 
Fax (330) 567-3804

E-mail Mayor

E-mail Village Hall

FIRE 911 



Fire Business Number
(330) 567-3411
Fire Chief:  Scott Ervin

Police Business Number
(330) 567-2600
Police Chief:  Ron Kiner


Shreve Village Council

Council meetings are the 1st and the 3rd Monday of the Month at 7PM in Village Hall.  All Welcome.

Yvonne Hendershott, Mayor 
Shreve, Ohio 44676 
Phone - (330) 567-2601

Jessica Flinner- Fiscal Officer
Phone - (330) 567-2601

Jason Lingenfelter- Council
Phone (330) 567-2601
 Richard Kryah- Council
Phone - (330) 567-2601
 Traci Poulson- Council
Phone - (330) 567-2601
Heidi Garst - Council
Phone - (330) 567-2601
Kristen McCoy - Council
Phone - (330) 567-2601
Jacqueline Hozalski
Phone - (330) 567-2601

2020 Committees

Safety:  Jason/Traci/Kristen
Buildings and Lands and Sidewalks:  Jacqueline/Heidi/Richard
Personnel and Insurance: Heidi/Jason/Traci
Parks: Jacqueline/Richard/Kristen
Finance: Richard/Heidi/Kristen
Administration: Jason(chair)/Jacqueline/Traci
Public Outreach: Traci/Kristen/Jacqueline
Public Records: Mayor/Fiscal officer/Jim Daniels

Village Solicitor

Blair Bower, Solicitor   
Phone - (330) 674-0499

Village Employees

Yvonne Hendershott
(330) 567-2601
Ass't Clerk
Jessica Kiner
(330) 567-2601

Clerk/Fiscal Officer
Jessica Flinner
(330) 567-2601

Village Administrator
Ron Kiner
(330) 567-2600

Police Chief
Ron Kiner
(330) 567-2600


Clinton Twp Fire and Rescue

Fire Chief
Scott Ervin
(330) 567-3411



Mayor's court

1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 2:30PM

Magistrate: William Rickett

Court Clerk: Jessica Flinner; Jessica Kiner

Mailing address: Shreve Mayor's Court, PO Box 604 Shreve, OH 44676

Court Address: 150 W McConkey St Shreve, OH 44676

Phone: 330-567-2601


Court Cost: (mandatory if you come to court or waive your citation) $66+fine

Payments Check, Cash, Money Order in the Village Office

Credit Card payments are accepted through a third party carrier (fee) at

Contact the Village office for the correct amount of the citation.


Utility bills, taxes and Mayors court can all be paid at